dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Happy new year 2014 !

Main resolution for 2014 : release GNG2 before summer holidays. But, i could bring you an entire level demo very soon. This could be "Hell level", because it is the most developped trial in GNG2.

 This level is !

Not a tower defense game.
Arthur : "Are you sure ?"

Big tower : big problem.

"Hey, i'm thirsty!"

toasty ! 
(MK tribute)
"Wow, i'm out of bound !"
("Royaume du Yaourt à boire"  tribute)

"Hey Toby, 'play ball with me ?"

"Ok, Toby, ok : you win !"

A mighty Boss is on approach...

"Where is the key :  I see nothing under this cloud ?!"

Stay tune...