dimanche 29 septembre 2013

First day

Welcome to my first Blog creation and moreover my first fan game.
I use a fantastic game editor : ARGS  to make this sequel.
Don't seek the download  GNG2 page : it is W.I.P.
Don't tell me everyday : "Oh my god, oh my god when can I get the release ? Because my answer is the same as the big Duke : "When it's done !". ^^

So : stay tuned ! 

Screenshots are better than words.

 First level : the traditional graveyard.

 a tough Boss : Black Arremer

Some "Ghouls 'n ghost" elements are implemented...redraw in 8 bits.
A new town : Stonebridge

 One of my original enemy design : "Red Executioner"

 Beware : some items must be found to leave some level.

Another ghouls'n ghost "background 8 bitted" (?) 
The green dragon is really angry/ hungry.