mardi 19 août 2014


Hi everybody,

At last I can offer you the demo.
Please, be indulgent : this game is a (very) short demo.
Be assure that you are going to have a good overview of the game.

Of course you will see the big potential of ARGS, too.
Drop an eye at :

 I am very impatient to read your comments and suggestions.   (en français aussi)

 GET IT right now, HERE :


19 commentaires:

  1. First of all congratulations because the demo is fantastic and big enough for demo and i m very happy with the movement of the hero because is perfect like the original GNG.Very good also the double jumb only when we were naked beacause it makes the game more difficult and i like very very much as i saw it when i finish the demo because the final release of GNG 2 will be very difficult game like the original GNG.The new weapons are very good addition as also the special moves that exist but i will propose for primary weapon the classic lance and not the axe.Also the stages and the characters are very well designed and i liked that i saw the classic enemies have new abilities like fire crows or Golems (monster tower) and i loved the fact that combines elements for Ghosts's n Goblins,Ghouls'n Ghosts and super Ghouls'n Ghosts.

    Τhe game looks fantastic and i hope to have as soon as possible the final release because this demo grew my appetite.

    Glory to the 80's my friend 3D sucks,2D Rulez!!!!

  2. First thank you for all your comments : it keeps me motivated for this hard task.
    You are a good player to finish the 2nd loop, too (or is this loop too easy, indeed ?). I don't know if the level of difficulty is enough, too.

    Second, lance weapon must be present or not ? I think i should run a poll for take decision about it.
    I just think about Special weapons that will have some protective attribute (i.e. : instant invulnerability shield around Arthur )....but not too much.

    GNG2 must keep a real difficulty, casual gamers : KEEP OUT ! ;-)

    Thanks again for your feedback.


  3. Be sure that the level of difficulty of the demo is very good and also the 2nd loop and i m sure that those who play it and not have much experience of the original GNG will be hard enough to finish the demo as well as those who have experienced of the original GNG also i believe will be hard enough for them in some places.This is GNG and is for hardcore players casual gamers go away ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.Something i would like to mention is the follwing.In the second stage of the demo that is like ''Baron Rankle's Tower'' of Ghouls'n Ghosts almost enery time an enemy hits us we do not lose only the armor but just falls from the moving floor and lose a life.If you have done so in order to grow the difficulty of the game no problem but if it is a bug throw a look at this.

    I playing GNG for 23 years and i'm a big fan of the whole series but most of the original GNG because combining everything perfect and is too hard and i like very much all hard arcade games like this.Thats why i'm so very excited about GNG 2 and wait like crazy the final version.

    I have recorded my gameplay of the demo one credit finish of course and i upload the video on my youtube channel.Below is the adress of the video.

    Thank you for this amazing game!!!

    1. "If you have done so in order to grow the difficulty of the game no problem but if it is a bug throw a look at this."

      Yes and no.
      This bug come with the physic of ARGS. I can't control this.
      But finally, the result is a harder level : so i am satisfied of the result.

      By the way, now lance is implemented as primary weapon.
      So there are 5 weapons + 1 "last level hidden" : like CAPCOM one.

      Stay tune

  4. I just saw your comment on my video my friend and i expect your surprises!!!
    Do your best and make a very difficult game because i like big challenges.

    Greetings from sunny Greece.

    P.S. I have no mustache ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!

  5. So when is a bug with the phyhsic of ARGS no problem and i am very sutisfied too for this harder level.By the way this level on demo is a level that will see in the final release or is just a demo level????

    I am very happy with lance as a primary weapon and i guess the other 4 weapons is Axe,Dagger,Ninja stars,ball with chain and i am very curious about the ''last level hidden'' special weapon.

    I am very impatient for the final version of the game!!!

  6. I think these demo levels will certainly change a little bit : mainly for mobs and items location.
    The "last hidden weapon" is not the shield and it is not the last surprise : it's all i can say at this time.

    Sure the challenge will be longest and hardest than capcom's GNG (that's why i give 7 credits to finish the game). It is symbolic too : 7 credits = 1 big coin on the first GNG (arcade cabinet).

    That's why the release of this project is not for 2014.
    As Duke could say : "when it's done".
    I DO NOT waste this sequel. It must be as good as a CAPCOM product.
    Good on level design and good on mobs design (what a hard task, uh ?!).

    Stay tune.

  7. You cut my wings now because i think we have the final version of the game until christmas.

    Because i understand that is a difficult task i will do patience until the moment to play this fantastic game.

  8. Very Good Work (hard as it must be), keep on...

  9. Davidy, something that might be useful: My first ARGS game ended a little big (180 Mb) because of the musics (150 Mb). Now I'm exporting de music in a mobile mono format in Audacity (gsm 6.10 WAV). The waves became 10X smaller tnam in PCM wav, and the quality decreases just a little. Im my current project the quality losses are even smaller, since the music are in 16-Bit old school style.

  10. Level1 demo
    5917 Ko -> 301 Ko
    Oo' unbelievable !
    Thanx a lot Paulo !

  11. Hi Davidy, your project looks very promising, and I'm going to write a feature about it in an italian computer mag. Could you please give me your address, so I can ask you some questions? Thank you.

    1. Hi Danilo, I'm very pleased to ask your questions at

  12. Two months after the release of the demo is there any new informations about the game?

  13. Is there anything new on the progress of the game that we could see like a picture for example???

  14. hi! do you know what happened with ARGS and his author?